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If you’ve read Fahrenheit 451, compare and contrast it with 1984.

I have not read Fahrenheit 451, but I have read the Hunger Games which is another “negative utopian” novel. In the Hunger Games, the government controls your life and you cannot rebel. If you rebel, you will be destroyed. They make you do things against your will and they do not care about humanity. Just like in 1984, rebellion is unquestionable and the government doesn’t care about human life. Also the characters in both these books, Katniss (Hunger Games) and Winston (1984) want so desperately to rebel and express what they think is right and what they believe even if it means they will die.


- An exemplary reflection! Although this student hasn’t read Fahrenheit 451 she extends her thinking out to another book that connects with 1984.

Another great group activity. A prediction on how the novel will end perhaps…


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"Your past is a lie
Your ignorance is my strength
This war is our peace."


This was the political Haiku I created for our group activity. We followed the 5-7-5 system and based the haikus off of the political views that George Orwell expresses throughout 1984. We thought that a haiku would be appropriate mode of expression due tho the fact that its brevity resembles the Newspeak dialect. 

What a great group activity from 2nd period’s New Era group. 

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Proving a connection to 1984….as you work on your computers in the library, you are being watched. 


FVHS 1984 Resources

Thanks to Ms. Taylor for these 1984 resources!


Reflection Questions:

What do you think about 1984 thus far?

What do you think about the developing relationship between Winston and Julia?

If you’ve read Fahrenheit 451, compare and contrast it with 1984.

What connections can you make between real life and 1984?

What has been your most successful group activity with 1984?

Other To-Dos:

If you have questions for me about our class, please ask me here.

Create posts for your group study and DIY learning for this past week.

Tag your posts with these tags as appropriate: diy, group, reflection, 1984.

Sign on to Twitter and search for this tag: #z84. Post one or more of your 1984 reflection questions. Reply to other students.

Follow @FVHSathletics on Twitter.

Finished with the above? Consult with Ms. Taylor about finding resources for your DIY learning.


Sharing is Caring

Here are the links to all the senior portfolios. Feel free to explore and share ideas with your peers.

If your name is not listed, please post it pronto. Your grade, your graduation eligibility, your future depends on it.


Novel Blackout Poems

The 2nd period group “The Average Joes” were talking about writing a poem that matched the mood of 1984. One great way to do this is a little lesson I made up a few years ago called Novel Blackout Poems. Here’s the link to the instructions. Let me know if you have any questions about it, or if you’d like me to make copies for you.


In his article Little Brother is Watching, Walter Kirn writes

As the Internet proves every day, it isn’t some stern and monolithic Big Brother that we have to reckon with as we go about our daily lives, it’s a vast cohort of prankish Little Brothers equipped with devices that Orwell, writing 60 years ago, never dreamed of and who are loyal to no organized authority.

Just yesterday, Twitter and Apple ended up in the news for basically stealing your personal contacts right out of your phone. Here are links to a news story and a radio broadcast exploring this issue.

Group lesson idea: read and listen to these stories (and more—just search Twitter in Google news for more…) and discuss these issues around the essential question: How are concerns about privacy and freedom expressed in the novel manifested in the contemporary world?


Big Brother is STILL Watching You

Here are four news stories about modern day surveillance. Read these stories and discuss them as a group. This link includes discussion questions to guide your group.


Students for Orwell

And what do you make of this?


Do you give your full, undivided attention to the morning announcements? That’s what I thought. I thought I’d reiterate a couple things of note:

Seniors, are you going to attend Orange Coast College or Golden West College next fall? Then you must take the SOAR Placement Test. Sign-ups for the SOAR Test will be in the Career Center starting Feb. 21st. We will be offering 3 different SOAR Test dates but seating is limited. Sign-ups are first come, first serve starting Feb 21st.

Any senior interested in attending Golden West College Senior Day can sign up for this event starting Monday, Feb. 27th in the Career Center. Space is limited and seats are on a first come first serve basis.

and finally, Macbeth LIVE at FVHS!!

…(whisper- “Macbeth”)… You may never know if his ambition will find you. He is waiting for the perfect moment to remove you from his path. Beware- he is right around the corner.  If you dare, join the people of Cawdor in reigning in their new king.- Monday February 27th and Tuesday February 28th in the playhouse of room 309. Shows start at 3:15 and 6:00pm both days. Tickets are on sale in room 137, only $3. “All hail, Macbeth ! hail to thee…All hail, Macbeth…”


Portfolio Criteria

For your convenience: a rubric for your portfolios.


Here are your reflection questions this week. Don’t feel like you have to answer ONLY these questions. 

• Discuss your first full week studying as a group. How is it going? What are your group’s strengths? weaknesses? How do plan on improving your group work?

• What have you learned about 1984?

• What questions do you still have about 1984?

• Have you answered your initial driving question? What did you find? If you did, choose another question to drive your reading. It should be an open-ended question so that you can revise and reshape your answer as you read.

• Discuss your DIY learning. What did you learn? Share evidence of your learning on your portfolio. What are you going to be learning next? What resources will you bring to class to help your DIY learning.


Revise your portfolio:

  • choose a title for you portfolio
  • revise your portfolio according to the standards (Common Core Writing, general and informative writing)
  • design your portfolio for an academic audience

Create a Twitter account and learn how to use it.

Understand the grammar of Twitter.

What does @ mean? #? 

Review my classroom Twitter and scan through the class discussion of The Great Gatsby we created in my junior class. We will be discussing 1984 over Twitter the next two Fridays. Start now if you’d like. Use the hashtag #z84